Thursday, March 15, 2007

Meanwhile back at the blog

A month passed. Stories were told. Reference questions were answered. Meeting upon meeting upon meeting occured. People were sick and got well. And finally Barney chided me into getting back to the blogbiz.

Here's a picture from flickr.

It's Tino who looks innocent here, but probably has just finished eating a book, or a clod of dirt or a block of yucky wood or a used kleenex. Tomorrow he goes to the vet for, well you know!

Oh Barney is reminding me that I am supposed to discuss many great applications of Flickr. He says one use would be to post his picture at the PVLD kids webpage to promote storytime. He says we should have pictures of Tabby, PJ, Curly and Fritz as well. But his picture should come first.

And be a little bigger.

And have a big star around it.

1 comment:

Louise said...

Tabby says her picture should have flashing lights around it.

And be as big as the computer screen.