Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Task 3 and 4 complete - it's party time!

Ok, tasks 3 and 4 are done, this is not a picture of me celebrating their completion however - it's my sisters, brother, kids and nephew celebrating my mother's 70th birthday last weekend. Since I am actually in the picture I admit I didn't take this one, but I have 93 other ones I could inflict on everyone that I did take with my own little hands. Barney wants me to write that he took the picture, but actually he wasn't even there.
The blogs I found are pretty cool, someare library related ones that I have not been able to keep up with - so again we see the applications for our work life as well as real life, I mean home life.

Barney (and Laura's) first post

OK, Barney, let me type now.

Set up the Gmail account -in other words - task one. Barney didn't really help, he's just a puppet! Making the blog - task 2 of course, was fun though, using him for inspiration. I read other people's blogs fairly frequently, so now here's my chance.

Why am I doing this? I do use various techologies mostly internet based at home, but I definately get stuck in a rut and I am very pleased to have a chance to learn and keep up and try new things. The applications for all the tasks will tie in nicely with young readers in particular and customer service in general. I also want to keep up with what the teens are up to.

I guess if this is a bookariffic blog, I should mention a book or a couple of books. I am reading The Unruly Queen about Queen Caroline, George IV's wife. Uh, let's just say she seems to have led an interesting life! Also am re-reading Triumph of Justice by Daniel Petrocelli and am reading Farmer Boy by Laura Ingalls Wilder w/ my son. Who happens to be sick today. Which means I couldn't do my Valentines Day storytime! Thanks to Ali and Emily for covering for me!