Thursday, March 15, 2007

Meanwhile back at the blog

A month passed. Stories were told. Reference questions were answered. Meeting upon meeting upon meeting occured. People were sick and got well. And finally Barney chided me into getting back to the blogbiz.

Here's a picture from flickr.

It's Tino who looks innocent here, but probably has just finished eating a book, or a clod of dirt or a block of yucky wood or a used kleenex. Tomorrow he goes to the vet for, well you know!

Oh Barney is reminding me that I am supposed to discuss many great applications of Flickr. He says one use would be to post his picture at the PVLD kids webpage to promote storytime. He says we should have pictures of Tabby, PJ, Curly and Fritz as well. But his picture should come first.

And be a little bigger.

And have a big star around it.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Task 3 and 4 complete - it's party time!

Ok, tasks 3 and 4 are done, this is not a picture of me celebrating their completion however - it's my sisters, brother, kids and nephew celebrating my mother's 70th birthday last weekend. Since I am actually in the picture I admit I didn't take this one, but I have 93 other ones I could inflict on everyone that I did take with my own little hands. Barney wants me to write that he took the picture, but actually he wasn't even there.
The blogs I found are pretty cool, someare library related ones that I have not been able to keep up with - so again we see the applications for our work life as well as real life, I mean home life.

Barney (and Laura's) first post

OK, Barney, let me type now.

Set up the Gmail account -in other words - task one. Barney didn't really help, he's just a puppet! Making the blog - task 2 of course, was fun though, using him for inspiration. I read other people's blogs fairly frequently, so now here's my chance.

Why am I doing this? I do use various techologies mostly internet based at home, but I definately get stuck in a rut and I am very pleased to have a chance to learn and keep up and try new things. The applications for all the tasks will tie in nicely with young readers in particular and customer service in general. I also want to keep up with what the teens are up to.

I guess if this is a bookariffic blog, I should mention a book or a couple of books. I am reading The Unruly Queen about Queen Caroline, George IV's wife. Uh, let's just say she seems to have led an interesting life! Also am re-reading Triumph of Justice by Daniel Petrocelli and am reading Farmer Boy by Laura Ingalls Wilder w/ my son. Who happens to be sick today. Which means I couldn't do my Valentines Day storytime! Thanks to Ali and Emily for covering for me!